Mission & Vision

knowledge to change the world


The  teacher  in  “Pushp Vatika” acts  as  a gardener , whose  function is to see  that  plant saplings  (small children) under  his\her care get  proper healthy “Environment and Guidance”  to  enable  them  to  expose their  inner  interests  and  potential  through “ Play-way” learning  activities to ensure their “Physical Mental and Moral” growth in natural but systematic way . 

Pushp Vatika is a “Miniature State” for children in which they feel proud and happy to get mixed up with due consideration for one another. Teaching related to “Nursery Games” based upon their physical and mental needs ensures their physical, intellectual and moral growth in proper manner.

“Our Students Have Little Hands And Big Hearts, We Feel Proud To Be Pushp Vatika Teachers.”

Poem Recitation


  • Our vision is to create a nationally known inner- city “Pre–Pry. Elementary School” that produces major gains in “Student Achievement” of which its neighbourhood may feel pride and pleasure.
  • To create it into one of the region’s most effective and cherished “Kids Garden”.
  • To provide an excellent “Educational Experience” for all students to lead a successful life.