To seek “Admission” in Pushp Vatika, the Parents have to apply through an “Application Form” which can be obtained from the School Office.

  • Firstly, the students have to appear in the “Eligibility Test” on a particular day/ date, and have to “Pass” it.
  • After clearing the “Eligibility Test”, the students have to go from “Personal Interaction” with the “Principal Sir”.
  • Thereafter, the Parents have to deposit the “School fee” of their ward/s.
  • At the time of “Admission”, the Parents shall have to deposit the previous “Progress Card and DOB Certificate” of their child.
  • If the Parents / Guardians decide not to send their Ward/s to School after “School Fee” has been deposited, the “Fee Amount” will not be refunded to them in any case.

Admission Procedure

Admission Enquiry
Application Form
Entrance Test
Result Notification

You will be notified by

SMS/EMAIL or you can check on School's NOTICE BOARD

Note:If cleared, continue with the following steps.

Admission Granted
Document Collection/Verification
Transport Details/Payment of Fee


  • Take keen interest in your child’s progress and give him / her necessary guidance at home.
  • In order to gain good command over English , encourage your child to converse in English at home too.
  • Don’t make comparisons of your child with others’ as each child has been blessed with the “Unique Talents and Potentials.”
  • Ensure that your child comes to school in proper school uniform.
  • Always write ward’s Name, Class and Roll No. on every belongings of his/hers.
  • Any sort of change in your Residence Address or Phone No. may be immediately intimated to the school to enable the school authorities contact you in case of any urgency.
  • Refer the school websites on regular basis for the latest updates.
  • School Fee must be paid on stipulated date in each quarter.
  • Ensure that your ward brings the Diary to school daily.
  • Do check the Diary regularly to go through if there is some Entry or Circular from School.
  • The Diary may also be used by Parents for communicating with Teachers.
  • Sign all notes sent by the school.
  • Leaves during Unit Test, Monthly Test and Terminal Exam are strongly discouraged.
  • Holidays in addition to the Regular Term – break should be avoided.
  • Text Books and Notes books of your child must be properly covered and kept in good condition.
  • Profiles and Page No. should be mentioned on all Notebooks. Subject – Syllabus should be pasted on the first page of the Notebook.
  • Holidays Homework should be submitted on Time, otherwise five (05) Marks shall be deducted in the respective Terminals.
  • Do visit the school whenever you are requested to do so.
  • Children are not allowed to wear “Jewellery” in school. The school will not bear the responsibility for the loss of articles.
  • Children are not allowed to apply “Mehndi”.
  • The School reserves the right to take “Disciplinary Action against any child or suspend him /her whose progress in studies is “Consequently unsatisfactory,” or whose “Conduct” is harmful to other students.

The Children may bring their  “Lunch Boxes“ with them to school. If any child forgets to  bring his/her  Lunchbox with him/her to school, then the “School Authorities” cannot allow the Parents to bring the Lunch box afterwards for “Security Reasons”.  


  1. Students using the transport facility must reach the stop at least five minutes before the arrival time of the bus.
  2. The buses will not wait at the “stop”.
  3. If the Parents are not available at the “Bus stop” on time then they will have to collect their ward from the school.
  4. Transport fee is to be deposited along with the school fee.
  5. Transport facility once discontinued will not be renewed at all.