Our Curriculum focuses on the “Development Stages” When children inquire, explore and discover a great deal about themselves to establish life – long attitudes & learning habits.

The objectives of our curriculum are:

  • Pursuit of “Academic Excellence”.
  • Nurturing “Talent and Fostering Creative Growth”.
  • Instilling in students an “ Unwavering Faith” in God.
  • Inculcating Human Worth, Virtues & Values and Strengthening Moral Fiber in our Students.
  • Reaching out to the “Society” to serve the “Humanity”.
  • Equipping each child to reach out for the stars, and carving a “Niche” for himself/herself.
  • Inculcating a sense of “Justice, Equality and Teams Man Spirit”.
  • Emphasizing the need for “Self Discipline and Self Confidence”.
  • Developing in our Students a sense of Pride in Our “Culture, Nation and Heritage”.
  • Grooming them into being “Enlightened and Responsible “members of the “Changing World Order”.