Creative activity allows you to express your individuality. This activity helps to your  child’s intellectual development and develop many thinking skills. Creativity is the ability to use the imagination to generate new ideas.

The School year’s can be one of the most creative time in a child’s life. This is a time when child’s imagination is in  developing stage . The activities like drama music , dance, art and craft can build child’s confidence , children can freely express their feelings and learn communication skills. It  also helps child to make decisions and solving problems. Actually child find  new ways of looking at things.

The activities like Drama and Story telling improve child’s vocabulary and  imagination. It helps in developing child’s listening skill and knowing about the world and life . Child  can aware about the  new  places, culture and traditions. It also encourage them to communicate  their thoughts , feeling  and ideas.

The activities like  Art and Craft provide child’s a fun  opportunity to learn and improve their skills . It helps child to develop their creativity in their life. By  doing creative work child  develop their manual growth and self confidence . When children makes art and craft they get to talk about their work which improves their communication skills.  Art and Craft helps in Childs  hand – eye co ordination and develops  motor skills.  Child can easily learn the identification of shapes , colour and texture. This activity also reduce the stress level in child.

 The creative activity  like music and dance can help child to learn  new things like sounds, words and they can also explore and control their body movements singing and dancing together helps Child to interact and connect with others. It develops social skills in child.

“ Creativity is not about doing something better than others. It is about thinking, exploring , discovering and imagining.”

By Sakshi Sharma

Co- ordinator of Ankur