For young  children of pre school, kindergarten and early  school age,  fine motor skill development is extremely important . Fine motor  skills start to develop when a child uses the smaller muscles in their hands, wrists, fingers, feet and  toes. It is the  co – ordination of the child’s  brain between the action and what they are  seeing . These skills are useful in doing  everyday activities like buttoning up a shirt, tying shoelaces, eat some break fast , zip up pants, brushing  teeth, combing hair , pulling socks and cutting  with scissors and writings. Parents at home  and teachers in kindergarten encourage and help  kids to improve  their fine motor skills with simple fun activities like Play- dough, puzzles, drawing, colouring  in and painting, using kitchen tongs or tweezers , cutting with scissors, bath time play, sand play, threading and lacing , learning to  brush teeth activity etc.  Through these activities a young child is able to do every day tasks effectively and will able to develop self confidence, self – care , independence  skills and also their academic performance.

By Sushma Dewasar

 Mother Teacher of Kalika ‘B’