Guru Govind Singh Ji Jayanti is celebrated every year by the Sikh community with full enthusiasm. As per the Gregorian calendar Guru Govind Singh Ji Jayanti falls in December or January every year.This year it was celebrated on 5th of January, 2022 and marks the 355th birth anniversary of Guru Govind Singh Ji, who was the tenth Sikh Guru, a spiritual master, warrior, poet and a philosopher. Guru Govind Singh Ji Jayanti is also called as Parkash Parb of Guru Govind Singh Ji.
On the eve of Guru Govind Singh Ji Jayanti , Sikhs hold kirtan, visit local Gurudwaras, Community fairs and Nagar Kirtan Processions are held and people gather to socialize and share festive foods.

Pushp Vatika, Jeevan Nagar also celebrated Guru Govind Singh Ji Jayanti on 08-01-2022 in the school premises.
Teachers of PushpVatika chanted the path of Japuji Sahib,Choupai sahib and Anand Sahib.Little toddlers of Pushp Vatika also chanted the Holy hymns.
Principal Sir and Director Sir also gave greetings to society that “May this festival bring peace, health and prosperity in the Nation”.
At last, Ardaas was done for the peace and prosperity of whole nation and Prashad and Langer was served to all present over there by Respected Principal Sir Mr. Rameshwar Mengi Ji and Respected Director Sir Mr.Risheek Mengi Ji.