In order to tackle naughty students/kids, there should be friendly and positive reciprocal approach, know about it. Let them grow up into “Deplaned and Well-behaved.” environment.

As a Guardian / Mentor / Parents, you need to be clear and consistent  in setting the boundaries for their child.

Following points must be adhered to :

  • Pay Proper Attention: Sometimes children display “Naughty Behavior”  because they lack the proper attention on the part of the Parents. Learn to listen to your child casually, ask him / her what he/she should do to make it stop.
  • Your child will respond well to your considerate behavior.
  • Don’t Scream: Parents need not to lose their temper and should back their child. This is counter productive as it will make him/her tantrum for the time being, but he / she will also learn to mimic you in the future.
  • Parents must set a Regular Routine: When your child has holidays from school, do set a regular timetable for him/her. That will set laws to live by and your child won’t feel compelled to misbehave as he /she will have a “Solid Routine” to follow.
  • Cherish love and respect for your children and they will surely respond back.
  • Define Evil Consequences of Misconduct: Enlighten your child about the “Consequences” of his/ her naughty behavior can put him/her in “Trouble” some day as it is unacceptable in society.
  • Be Consistent: Parents must not treat their children differently everyday. They must not be strict one day , and lenient the other day. Children must be asked to follow the reasonable proper time table for their studies and games. They must also be allowed some “Free Time” to chat about, with their family members and friends.

By Jagmeet Kour

Co-ordinator of Class Kalika