• If the kids make “Pronunciation Mistakes”, it is important to get them learning to speak correctly at an early age. In order to become truly eloquent, the children need to master the basics.
  • At first you may find they can repeat only a few sounds. Continuous practice will surely make them more confident and proficient to say/ utter the sounds correctly and independently without listening to the “Audio track”.
  • Right from the start, the child must be encouraged to talk , talk and talk, The parents have to be a model of good “Speaking & listening”. Regularly , new “Homophones & Rhyming words “Such as –Right, kite, Night etc. be added to his/her vocabulary to improve his /her “Listening & Speaking” Skills.
  • Toddlers must be taught “Nursery Rhymes & Songs”, and be encouraged to sing and recite them.
  • Even during “Games & other Activities” make sure your child pronounce the sounds clearly & accurately.
  • Rhyming games & activities will provide “Fun & Support” to the child to hear and speak different sounds and words in correct form.
  • The child must be encouraged to play “ Simple Phonic Word Games” based on sounds that  your child is learning or has learnt at school.
  • The “Parents” may seek the guidance of their child’s teacher in this regard.
  • The joint efforts of the “Teacher & Parents” can prove to be more meaningful & fruitful to bring about the desired better results.

By Monika Sabharwal

Co-odinator of Class Koshika