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Welcome to pushp vatika

Why Pushp vatika....?

  • Pushp Vatika is an orchard where students coming from mothers’ lap feel safe and  supported and the Parents too are proud to send their children.
  • In PUSHP VATIKA  children learn faster when  they are involved in learning activities because teachers  come  up with  innovative ideas to make learning a fun.
  • The teachers of PUSHP VATIKA  are not merely providing the kids with knowledge but are also inconspicuous facilitators encouraging their curiosity.
  • Phonological awareness is given to parents also when a child enters in PUSHP VATIKA .
  • We believe in our students – we provide them encouragement and  confidence to attain sky  heights for  an “All Round Personality Development”.



Music ignites all areas of child’s development and skill for school readiness, intellectual, social, emotional, moral, lingual and overall literacy. In Pushp Vatika “Music” prepares children’s mind for learning throughout their school years.


“School Buses” are the most preferred , convenient and safe “Transportation System” for the school students . The School Bus not only safes the precious time of the Students/ Children and their Parents, but also keeps them tension-free . In our Pushp Vatika, our school transportation keeps the children Active, Punctual, Aware and Co-friendly.

toy room

Kids love toys. Toys are more than just fun and games for kids but in our “ Toy Room” there are lot of toys that encourage  the type of learning from simple “Alphabet Puzzles” to high – tech electronics gadgets.

computer lab

A computer lab is a space which provides computer services to a defined community. Our computer labs are typically equipped to be used by the students to nurture their creative talents.


We use a smart board in our Pushp Vatika class daily . The kids treat it as a tool for learning and not just something that the teachers use. Ultimately they love  having it and learn rhymes with actions and lyrics.


An organized and functional library that children can use independently is a vital component of every early childhood classroom. In our Pushp Vatika a library is a place where students can go to look and read books.

School Gallery