How to build a child’s confidence

“Self – Confidence is the foundation of all great success and achievement”.

Key factors in developing a child’s confidence are as follows:

1. Praise them the right way:   Simply showering children with praise isn’t effective, but praising kids the right way can certainly build their self – esteem.

Give children genuine, specific praise that focuses more on effort than on results.

2. Ensure they know your love is unconditional:

The way see our kids has a profound impact on the way they  see themselves.

Make it clear to your children that you love and care for them even when they make mistakes and avoid criticizing them.

3. Resist Comparing them to others:

Avoid comparing children to classmates or siblings with questions like, “Why  can’t you behave like him/her?” or “Why Can’t you do that?”

These Comparisons cause children to doubt  themselves and they believe that they cannot meet your expectations and ultimately they lose confidence . So  Comparisons should be avoided.

4. Create a wall of fame to recognize  their achievements:

In the home or in the classroom, you can display your appreciation for kids achievements by creating ‘Wall of Fame’ that showcases achievements like good grades, art projects, pictures of the child participating in  co- curricular activities.

A wall of home can highlight a child’s efforts and determination, giving him a confidence boost.

5. Shower them with hugs: Physical affection communicates love, acceptance and belonging making children happy and confident.

Parents of younger children can give kids high fives, back pats, and lots of hugs to show that they are cared for and valued.

Confidence shapes a child’s life  tremendously   and it is one of the  most important gifts parents and teachers can give to their children.

 By Harmeet Kaur 

Mother Teachers of Ist ‘A’